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Connecting People and Businesses To Share Ideal Work Spaces

Cedispace is an online marketplace and community  that connects people, entrepreneurs, professionals, gig workers and businesses to share ideal work spaces, event venues, conference rooms and meeting spaces for any hustle.

Cedispace offers a community platform where we put you directly in contact with companies, professionals (content creators, event organizers, gig workers etc) and individuals seeking to create memories and content while you monetize your space per hour.

We provide an exciting and bubbly urban scene where people can create unique experiences  for their guests, brand followers, employees or group of friends, having access to a diverse range of places that were never visible and available to them before.

Our community at Cedispace offers a platform for hosts to list for free, be visible, and manage bookings from their account with ease on our user-friendly interface. We make it possible for you to share your under-utilized space with professionals seeking truly memorable experiences.