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Movie Director, Kobe Outta seeks to use Cedispace to augment his work by finding interesting locations for movies, video shoots and commercials. Kobe is a seasoned director and has had exploits in directing for GQ, worked on BBC original series productions and shot several viral commercials and music videos for all the major artists.  According to Kobe, the industry stands to benefit from the Cedispace platform especially for independent filmmakers to have access to a variety of locations to create good content. This goes a long way to provide an opportunity for filmmakers to have access to certain locations they would not naturally have been able to find. This also removes the stress of looking for spaces and will contribute effectively to production budgeting and planning.

With a roster of projects scheduled, Kobe looks to take advantage of the Cedispace platform to contribute to his productions by creating ease in finding locations and also be able to plan shoots based on the spaces available on the platform.

Cedispace encourages more hosts and people within the creative space, event organizers, business entrepreneurs to sign up to the platform and take advantage of the benefits. You can visit Cedispace at to find out more about the platform and how you can use it to your benefit either as a host or as a customer. 

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